About us

The Ticino Film Commission (TFC) is a nonprofit foundation established in 2014 thanks to substantial public funding assured by the regional economic policy departments of the Republic and the Canton of Ticino. 

Operational from 2014, it includes among its main objectives the promotion of the territory as a location for filming and any form of audio-visual production, attracting national and international productions, at the same time supporting the local audio-visual industry and contributing to the creation of new work opportunities for those in the local sector.


The four founding members are:

  • AFAT – Associazione film e audiovisivi Ticino (Ticino Film and Television Association)
  • GRSI – Gruppo registi e sceneggiatori indipendenti della Svizzera italiana. (The Swiss-italian Group of Independent Directors and Screenwriters)
  • Ticino Turismo
  • Locarno Film Festival


The Consiglio di Fondazione of Ticino Film Commission is composed by:

  • Nicola Pini, President
  • Michela Pini, Vice President
  • Niccolò Castelli, Board Member
  • Kaspar Weber, Board Member
  • Simona Gamba, Board Member


The operational staff is composed by:

  • Nadia Dresti, Director
  • Lisa Barzaghi, Operative and Event Manager
  • Eva Ruffini, Commmunication Manager
  • Cristiana Giaccardi, Prodution Manager

What we do

The Ticino Film Commission encourages and supports the making of all kinds of audio-visual production – film, television and multimedia –  in its region, by  international and international producers and production companies, promoting and incentivising the involvement of producers, professionals in the sector and local service/facilities companies.

Ticino Film Commission offers a free and confidential service to the film, television and commercial production community including: information and advice on locations and permissions; contacts for cast, crew and facilities; information on accommodation and recce support.

From 2016, the TFC disposes of a relatively limited budget dedicated to: (1) location scouting – to cover location scouting costs and the eventual selection of professionals from the sector and cast members; (2) incentive to give a partial contribution to logistical and/or local staff costs, exclusively for those productions that can assure economic benefit within Ticino.

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