I feel naturally drawn by those places that seem stuck in time. They are both fascinating and intriguing. They seem to have a pre-existing narrative at their core and they instantly grab our attention by connecting the past, the present and the future. In that sense they are very cinematographic. Luckily, Ticino is rich in them. 

Stuck in time

Once upon a time, the railway lines under the Interlenghi bridge at Chiasso, right on the Swiss-Italian border, were one of the busiest in the country. Things have changed, creating that kind of deep contrast between the presence of numerous interminable railway lines and peace all around. 

As our environment is continuously more threatened, there is something rather satisfying and reassuring about seeing a manmade structure being taken over by nature.

Secrets, plots, myths and mysteries have been buried in Villa Constanza’s green park for more than a century, a place where time doesn't seem to be moving forward. 

This place could be part of the set of the film “Back to the Future”. A time travel destination from the American 50s and 60s.

Created in 1968, the Cinema Lux in Massagno represents one of the very few remaining historical cinemas of the Lugano area.

You might still hear music playing in the background of the Grand Hotel Locarno, the one of the wind blowing across the worn carpets in the halls and the empty bar. 

This story has been edited by

Klaudia Reynicke

Klaudia Reynicke is a Swiss-Peruvian scriptwriter and film director who grew up between Peru, the United States and the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Although not originally from Ticino, she moved to Lugano about 10 years ago and has settled there with her family.