Our services

The principal activity of the  Ticino Film Commission is to support film and television productions  – fiction, documentaries, short films and commercials – that choose to film within the Ticino region, via a set of services from finding  locations to liaising with local and cantonal authorities over the granting of necessary permits, from representation of all the professional skills and qualified personnel working within the region to administrative and contractual advice relating to current legislation, throughout and until the end of shooting.

The Ticino Film Commission is able to supply all the logistical, technical and bureaucratic   information in the pre-production phase, act as a mediator for all requests for filming permits and also offer its collaboration for all communications with representatives of local media.

The selection criteria for being able to use the free services offered, and, from  2016 onwards, for obtaining the financial incentives available from the Ticino Film Commission, are detailed in the Ticino Film Commission Regulations – Criteria for provision of services and financial incentives. (download regulations at the bottom of the page) 

Locations Guide

A database of locations ideal for all kinds of film, television, commercials or photographic services. For every location, in addition to a brief description, there is essential information for making an initial evaluation of its suitability or otherwise, depending on the type of production.

The Film Commission moreover guarantees that it possesses all the authorisations necessary for publication of all the data, supplied directly by the legal owners or legal representatives of each  location, and that they have explicitly agreed to offer their location as a potential production set via the  Film Commission's database.


Production Guide

A database that lists all the production companies, producers and professionals/freelancers in the sector, in addition to a large and comprehensive directory of service/facilities companies operating in Ticino.

Every profile has been supplied directly by those directly concerned, and is updated by them.

The Ticino Film Commission ensures the veracity of all the information published and the availability, in principle, of each company, professional or organisation profiled  to work with productions interested in making an audio-visual production in Ticino.


Assistance with obtaining filming permits

The Ticino Film Commission is the channel through which productions can obtain filming permits in public places,  authorisation to use museum, ecclesiastic and all other spaces that fall within the jurisdiction of and management by public authorities. 

The work of the Ticino Film Commission will be conducted with the objective of obtaining such permissions for free, or at minimum possible cost.

Each request for use of public space must be presented via the offices of the Ticino Film Commission to the relevant public office. In cases of particularly complicated requests, the Ticino Film Commission will organise a meeting with the entity involved so as to configure a request in  the required format for the relevant authority.

For privately owned locations, the Ticino Film Commission offers itself as a guarantor for the production and deals with the first meeting and initial request for use. Subsequent contact and  final agreements will be made directly between the production and the private owner.

The Ticino Film Commission will work to obtain the most advantageous rental terms of the private location, but cannot guarantee it will be free.  

Assistance with finding personnel, organisations and services companies

The Ticino Film Commission, through its online database the Production Guide, supplies information and contacts for qualified companies and professionals/freelancers working in the region. The database with CVs of professionals/freelancers  is available  to productions, and can be  continuously updated by its users.

For interested productions, the Ticino Film Commission organises days for selecting personnel, selected on the basis of the requirements supplied by the production itself, as well as  casting sessions, and spaces needed by the production's representatives to do so.  

Relationships with hotels, restaurants

The Ticino Film Commission will be the first point of contact in negotiations between the production and the hotels, restaurants and catering companies who will be involved in the film, as suppliers of services. 

The Ticino Film Commission's interest is in obtaining the maximum discount possible for the production, and the most economically beneficial terms for the services requested.

This work of mediating presupposes a clarity in the request for what is needed on the part of the  production, who will prepare, together with the Ticino Film Commission, the formal requests to the individual suppliers.  

Assistance in finding Locations (from 2016)

In addition to free use of the online Locations Guide, the Ticino Film Commission may chose to assign a location manager to a production interested in producing within the region, for a maximum of 3/5 working days, whose cost will be borne by the Ticino Film Commission.

The Location manager will be available to make an initial selection of locations before the arrival of the production's representatives, on the basis of information/requirements supplied by the production (list of locations, script, even if only in part, photographic suggestions etc).

In the week in which the location recce is made, the Ticino Film Commission will provide, at its own cost, accommodation and meals for a maximum of three people from the  production (scriptwriter, director and production manager).