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The last take of “40 & Climbing” by director Bindu de Stoppani has been shot

The filming of the TV drama “40 & Climbing”, an all-female adventure comedy set in the mountains of Southern Switzerland by the director Bindu De Stoppani, ended yesterday in Lugano at the Hotel Villa Castagnola.


After directing JUMP (2011) e FINDING CAMILLE (2017), the director then returned to Ticino for her new project. Filming took place from 10 August to 9 September, between the Blenio Valley - along the Lucomagno Pass, the Campra area, in Olivone and at the former Cima Norma building in Torre-Dangio - and the Bedretto Valley in Cioss Prato, before ending in Lugano with the filming of the final indoor scenes at the Hotel Villa Castagnola.

The protagonists of the story are 4 women grappling with the mountains and fun adventures on the edge of survival, played by a beautiful female cast with the Italian actresses Anna Ferzetti, Elena Di Cioccio, Euridice Axen and Irene Casagrande.

Synopsis: "40 & Climbing" is the story of friends of old Marta, Sara and Isabella who, entrusted with scattering the ashes of their childhood friend in the mountainous woods of the summer camp they attended 30 years earlier, are forced to leave their everyday life behind to face their troubled past, confronted with the conquest of the wilderness.


We asked Bindu de Stoppani to tell us about her experience in Ticino:  

“It was a real honour and pleasure to return to Ticino for the filming of 40 & CLIMBING. The shooting was intense, not only because of the weather which that changed its mind from minute to the next, but also because the whole crew covered the adventurous journey of the story and the four women at the heart of the film. A happy crew, full of energy and always ready to solve problems ... between the rain, the wind, the cows (with bells around their necks), the river, a beautiful sun and the mountains that take your breath away, we were happy to be able to bring cinema back to Ticino, after this period of Lockdown. The Ticino Film Commission supported us right from the beginning and during the Covid emergency it was a real blessing to have written a film that was almost entirely based outside. I hope to soon return to Ticino again… ”.


The film was produced by the Zurich production company Hugofilm in co-production with RSI. The release and distribution in theatres is scheduled for 2021.


Local facts

The “base camp” for the whole crew of the film 40 & Climbing was at the former Albergo Olivone & Posta in Olivone, for two months bringing back to life the premises that had been closed for more than a year. Housing the production offices, the tailoring, the make-up and costume rooms, as well as some rooms being used to recreate some indoor shots for the film. The production crew cooks were also able to use the hotel kitchens to prepare meals for the crew throughout filming.


The Ticino Film Commission would like to take this opportunity to thank the municipalities of Blenio and Bedretto for their availability and collaboration. Furthermore, we thank the Hotel Villa Castagnola for the assistance and willingness to open their hotel for filming.


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