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TV commercial with Roger Federer in Carona (Lugano)

The Mercedes - Benz TV commercial "La discussione", starring the famous Swiss tennis player and brand ambassador Roger Federer, was shot on 8 July in Carona (Lugano) and on the Lucomagno pass (Valle di Blenio). The Ticino Film Commission was very happy to provide its support both in the preparation period and during the shoot.

In the commercial, two nice gentlemen, Enzo and Giorgio, played by the Italian actors Gianfranco Mazzoni and Gennaro Fabrizio, sitting in the square of a small village are discussing animatedly about what is happening in front of them - and they do not always seem to agree. Suddenly, Roger Federer appears ...

Find out here how the story ends.

The commercial, produced by CZAR Film Zurich and directed by Bart Timmer, is broadcast in the Italian original version on Swiss TV channels since last August 24.  In addition to the TV commercials, the campaign is promoted on various other digital and non-digital advertising media, such as online video, social media content and advertising panels.

The Ticino Film Commission would like to thank the city of Lugano, the Lugano Municipal Police, the Cantonal Police and the staff of the Municipality and the Patriziate of Blenio for their availability and support that made possible the realization of the spot.


In addition, we would like to thank the Hotel del la Paix in Lugano and Villa Principe Leopoldo in Lugano for the excellent hospitality and collaboration.