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A new guide to film locations for a canton increasingly in action.

Today, Tuesday August 13, 2019, the new Ticino Film Commission (TFC) location guide was presented at the Grand Hotel in Muralto, the famous building that has reopened its doors for the special occasion. An architectural jewel that, until 2006, was a reference point for the Locarno Film Festival, contributing to its success and welcoming international film stars, and that recently was the protagonist for the shooting of a short film.

Nicola Pini, President of TFC: "To achieve our goals, we have several tools, including the location guide, a public database and one available free online. This important showcase allows us to attract national and international productions to our region, generating jobs and economic benefits, as well as giving visibility to our beautiful Canton".

The market for film commissions is constantly growing and there is no shortage of competition. Just think that, worldwide, the commissions subsidised by public bodies exceed 300 units and currently Switzerland is creating a strong interest in this economic sector with similar events in rapid development. In the light of this information, it is essential to be able to intercept the trends of the contemporary film market and to invest in resources and innovative strategies.In the historic nineteenth-century building that still dominates the city of cinema, the Ticino Film Commission has therefore presented an innovative project for the sector aimed at strengthening the position of the region as a land of international film production.

The new location guide will be divided into two different parts, as Elia Frapolli, external consultant in charge of the project, explains: "We thought of working on two levels, quality and quantity. On the one hand, we have introduced a constantly evolving gallery that will capture images from social media through an artificial intelligence system, integrating them with location photos from the existing archive. A sort of iconographic mosaic that can be an immediate source of inspiration for those who visit the TFC site in search of ideas or places for a setting for their films. On the other hand, we wanted to involve sector professionals to give space to structured - and more sought-after - perspectives of locations in Ticino through a storytelling programme. This is how the collaboration with Erik Bernasconi, Klaudia Reynicke and Francesco Rizzi was born, three important Ticino directors who took up the challenge and told the story of the region through the eyes of a filmmaker.

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